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“How to make working from home feel less like unbearable torture”

There are some downsides to working from home, and it may not be for everyone.

In this article written by Isabel Mohan, co-founder of Discoco, I share some well-being tips on how to make work-from-home work better for you.

All the business bits

“New Year, New Space: Why considering your workspace is more than just deciding which chair to buy and what height your desk should be at”

Ingrid Fernandez of HerLegals is a legal expert, and her podcast All The Business Bits features small business owners sharing their stories, practical advice, and tips.

In our 30-minute chat, we cover why setting up a healthy workspace can be a confusing and overwhelming process, how there is a no-one-size recipe, what we can do to work out what we need, why we need to look at it holistically (not just chair and desk), and why a self-compassionate, small step approach is the way to go.

Create a healthy remote working culture_FSB

“Create a healthy remote working culture”

Working culture is not just about the values, traditions, and characteristics of an organization, it is also about how one works.

I write about how to create the working culture that you want by first understanding yourself, in an article for First Voice, a business magazine published by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in the UK.

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