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“Successful Learning at Home for Your Child: A Healthy & Holistic Guide”

Having a comfortable learning space can help a child concentrate, be productive, and reduce the risk of painful health conditions. Building knowledge on the dimensions of health and cultivating healthy working habits that the child can take into adulthood will positively impact their current and future wellbeing.

In this guide written for Education Destination Malaysia, I provide tips to help you and your child co-design a home-learning space and develop practices that keep them happy and healthy.


“Let’s Get Physical: 5 Tips to Get You and Your Family Moving”

We all know the health and well-being benefits of keeping physically fit. However, more than a quarter of the world’s adult population and more than 80% of the world’s adolescent population are insufficiently active.

In this article written for Makchic, a Malaysian-based online site for family-related content, I break down small steps to getting the family more physically active.

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“Workplace Aches and Pains”

Musculoskeletal health is important as it provides us means to live, work, play and engage with a full life.

Musculoskeletal conditions can occur at any time throughout a person’s life and are not just related to older age. It is estimated that between 1-in-3 to 1-in-5 people (including children) live with musculoskeletal pain.

I speak again to Shiao Eek from BFM: The Business Station in this Health and Living podcast episode about paying attention to musculoskeletal wellbeing at the workplace as they are large parts of our life course and where we spend our most productive years.

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“Our Hunched Up, Scrunched Up Children”

A healthy musculoskeletal system supports a child to grow and develop well, move well, play well, learn well (later on work well) and to be able to have the physical capacity to perform all the activities that they want and need to do.

In this Health and Living podcast episode recorded with Shiao Eek, a producer-presenter for BFM: The Business Station, we discuss how we can support our childrens’ musculoskeletal wellbeing at home, in schools and from a broad policy perspective.

Create a healthy remote working culture_FSB

“Create a healthy remote working culture”

Working culture is not just about the values, traditions, and characteristics of an organization, it is also about how one works.

I write about how to create the working culture that you want by first understanding yourself, in an article for First Voice, a business magazine published by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in the UK.

All the business bits

“New Year, New Space: Why considering your workspace is more than just deciding which chair to buy and what height your desk should be at”

Ingrid Fernandez of HerLegals is a legal expert, and her podcast All The Business Bits features small business owners sharing their stories, practical advice, and tips.

In our 30-minute chat, we cover why setting up a healthy workspace can be a confusing and overwhelming process, how there is a no-one-size recipe, what we can do to work out what we need, why we need to look at it holistically (not just chair and desk), and why a self-compassionate, small step approach is the way to go.

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